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Welcome to the Blue Star Guitar Company Custom Shop website.

The first Blue Star production instrument, the Travelcaster, hit the market circa 1990.

Since then I have designed and built a wide variety of unique instruments to enable the

creative and experimental musicians from the acoustic world to enter the electric realm. Banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles can now be played thru effects and amps to fill a venue with the sounds

usually associated with big brother, the guitar. All of my designs, as well as yours, can be built with

many different combinations of woods - body, neck, and fingerboard; hardware - pickups, tuners,

and controls; and scale lengths - soprano, tenor and baritone ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, as

well as guitars from mini to full size.  The world is open to have that weird creation

that's simmering in your brain come to fruition.

Customized to meet your needs

I have access to wood grown in the

USA as well as many exotic varieties

from around the globe. I hand-select

every board used in the production

of every instrument made and hand

fit each neck to each body. I use the

"bolt-on" method of attaching a neck

to a body. I agree with the philosophy

of this construction technique which

allows for easy maintenance as well

as facilitating future repairs and

replacement should any damage occur.

To further enhance this "connection",

I use individual screws in lieu of a

neckplate with each screw bearing on

a countersunk washer. I always use the

strongest Stainless Steel screw for

ultimate torque and rust resistance

in this application.

All of my electric creations use

common and readily available

electric guitar strings. Steel

strings allow for the great sustain

and accurate bends that will now

be at your disposal on that electric

version of your favorite ukulele,

mandolin, or banjo. Like a

Stratocaster electric guitar doesn't

sound like a Martin acoustic guitar,

your steel-strung electric will leave

the feedback and howling nature

of piezo-fed acoustics behind.

Scruggs-picking a banjo with

distortion thru a marshall might

seriously alter your bluegrass

mindset. I am not responsible for

this- I just helped it happen!!

100% hand-made products

No CNC. No mass production. Every Blue Star Guitar Co. instrument sold is completely hand-made, ensuring that your instrument is one-of-a-kind.

Call to customize Get the expert build

30+ years of experience