Blue Star Guitar Co.
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The standard Blue Star Mandoblaster starts at 640.00 for a 4-string model.


Deluxe Mandoblasters start at about $700.  

Add a touch of customization by selecting your mandolin’s wood type, pickup choices, tuners, custom pearl, or abalone inlay and fretwire size. We are proud to offer mandolins made in America with American native wood and USA-made components!

Get a mandolin unlike any other.



Blue Star Mandoblasters are single course electric mandolins with true string-bending for the lead player and clarity at volume.  Available in both 4 and 5-string versions - the 5th string being tuned to Low C for an expanded bass range. The basic model is made with a two-piece Poplar

body, maple neck, and maple or rosewood fingerboard.


Enjoy one single-coil pickup, through-body bridge, volume and tone controls,

and a pearloid control plate with your Blue Star mandolin. You can also upgrade to a

Deluxe Mandolin, which allows you to choose from different wood types, pickup

choices, tuners, inlays, and fretwire sizes.


- Beautiful designs

- Your choice of wood

- Quality parts

- Upgrades available