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start at $300.00 for a soprano, 325.00 for baritone.

Get a ukulele unlike any other.



   Allen Woody and I co-designed the original Konablaster electric soprano ukulele using these scientific means: The body is a tracing of a canned ham, and the peghead is shaped like a Pineapple!  Hawaiian fare at its best!  The scale is 14" and is tuned either high G (re-entrant) tuning, or drop G.  One single coil pickup and one volume - simplicity at its finest.  The original bridge was the now infamous 30-06 shell casing. This is not intonatable and thus slightly dissonant - just like Woody thought it should be.  As ukuleles generally go strapless, we covered the sides and back with Ozite amplifier carpet for Non-slip Comfort. Deluxe models can come with a thru-body bridge with adjustable saddles for spot-on intonation.  Std. models still use the empty shell casing - should damage occur, you can still find a replacement shell anywhere in the world! And it's just Kool!


- Beautiful designs

- Your choice of wood

- Quality parts

- Upgrades available


The big brother Baritone Konablaster is basically an enlarged version

of the soprano, but with a humbucker pickup, 22" scale, and an adjustable truss rod.

Tenor sizing is now available in 16.5" to 19" scale lengths, and Concert Ukuleles in a 15.5” scale.

The Deluxe versions of all can be designed to any size ukulele or

guitar shapes, and as single or double cutaway models.